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Sunovatech & Urbanite Venture join forces to expand the Immersive Reality Solutions

Sunovatech and Urbanite Venture join forces to expand the Immersive Reality (Virtual and Augmented Reality) solutions to the US and Turkey.

Sunovatech, the industry's one of the leaders in Immersive Reality, has delivered specialized Interactive Gaming, 3D Visualisation, Virtual and Augmented Reality since the last 20 years of our creation. The company is known globally for developing hyper-realistic visualizations and has successfully delivered over 650+ visualization, gaming, and immersive projects. Now, Sunovatech Group expands to the US and Turkey.

Sonal Ahuja, Executive Director of Sunovatech, said that

"We are excited about the partnership we built with Urbanite Venture and have a chance to work with Arzu Tekir and her team. Our collaboration will go a long way in building sustainable immersive reality applications for interactive digital twins."

Urbanite Venture is a growth consulting company located in the United States. The company is helping urban tech companies transform cities and city life. Founder & CEO Arzu Tekir said,

"We're happy to join our forces with Sunovatech, which is one of the leading studios offering Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) services and creating sensational VR content." She added, "Life during the pandemic is challenging, and VR seems tailor-made for this moment. So, we're going to strategize virtual reality programming for young students first, and then we'll develop a strategy for VR for cities."

VR is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating design intent, offering an ability to understand spatial relationships and scale and to evoke a visceral response in the same way that physical environment and architecture can. Through the partnership, Sunovatech reaches out to projects and clients in the US & Turkey and aims to deliver community-wide virtual reality experience for the masses.

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