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How micromobility is advancing our cities into a sustainable future and why we must invest in it?

Our car-loving culture is evolving. Our cities are adapting to the changing needs of people and implementing updated methods that make them more sustainable.

As international and national governments work to address climate change. Tech startups and VCs are partnering to create low-carbon mobility solutions.

That’s changing the way our cities are designed. It’s no longer acceptable for our cities to be designed like a freeway system.




Alan Jiang is co-founder and CEO of Beam, Asia’s largest micromobility company. Beam is currently operating in 13 cities across Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. Beam has raised $47M to date, with our last Series A round led by Sequoia and Hana Bank.




VC Investment Principal at Innoenergy, looking for exceptional cleantech and green mobility founders. Previous experience includes strategy building and implementation, team and project management, market analysis, and financial controlling - gained at largest European utilities and consulting companies. Trained by 500 startups, Harvard and Berkeley Law.




Multidisciplinary with OEM, Start-up and Volunteer experience. Skilled in Design Thinking, Product Management, Project Management with Urban Mobility. Cagri has 15 years of automotive & mobility experience and applications of user experience to these projects. He is now the CEO & co-founder of DUCKT to help reshape urban micromobility integration issues.





She is the Founder & CEO of URBANITE VENTURE helping urban tech companies transform cities. To companies solving urban problems, Urbanite Venture is the independent advisor and business partner that brings new market opportunities, better relations with the city administrations, effective communication plan and capital.


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