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Blockchain for Smart Cities,



How blockchain could power the cities of the future

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What is blockchain?

What differentiates it from existing digital technology?

What are the safety risks involved and how can we minimize them?

Who will control the data?

Will this technology be able to adapt to the growing needs of cities?

What business models will be optimal for future blockchain development?

What will the costs be?

Where can we begin in order to understand this new technology?

This special report from Urbanite Venture will help explore the whys and hows of blockchain and answer these questions as we examine the potential for this technology to transform cities and redefine smart city applications. Download the entire report as a free PDF ebook.

As we move into the 2020s, I suggest keeping a sharp eye on blockchain technology. Even if blockchain isn’t the solution to every administrative need, it will certainly be one of the many building blocks that innovators will be using to construct the future’s smart cities. And you can expect to see many new blockchain applications and innovations in the near future.

Arzu Tekir, Urbanite Venture


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